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Sven Sundberg is a musician who specializes in creating relaxing, melodic instrumental pop songs.  Sven is a songwriter, pianist, composer and arranger of soft, melodic, ambient music.  Sven's melodies are simple, not complex, intended to soothe you and rejuvenate your soul without being flashy or overdone.  Enjoy your visit to Sven's website!





Crystal Clear CD Cover


My brand new CD, "Crystal Clear," will be

released on Tuesday, May 20.  Watch here for

special advance discounted pricing!

First single, "Light You Up," will be released

and available for download on April 29!

The CD and single will be available everywhere online!

Listen to the song "Light You Up" by clicking here.





Illuminated Heart CD Cover

My CD "Illuminated Heart" features

14 brand new songs!  Look for it anywhere online

where music is available.  Buy a physical copy

of the CD by clicking the CD Baby box below.


Sven Sundberg: Illuminated Heart





Sven Sundberg CDs are available online everywhere!


 If you would prefer not to buy downloaded mp3s of these CDs, you can purchase physical copies of these CDs at CD Baby by clicking the CD Baby boxes below.



Sven Sundberg: Rejuvenation
Sven Sundberg: Remasters Vol. 2 EP
Sven Sundberg: Remasters EP


Sven Sundberg: 4 Seasons of Bliss (Best Of)
Sven Sundberg: Introspect
Sven Sundberg: Sunrise
Sven Sundberg: Barefoot
Sven Sundberg: It



Host a Listening Party


A Listening Party is an event where you gather your friends for a couple hours and listen to my music, with me as your special guest.  It can be as simple as a wine-and-cheese gathering or you could go further and make it a dinner party.  Since I don't do "gigs," this would be the perfect way to share my music with your friends and introduce them to me.  If you're interested, send a note in the Contact tab today!  Please use "Listening Party" as the subject.


A Very Worthy Charity:


The Gift of Clean Water


I'm undertaking a campaign to raise money for clean water for villages in developing nations.  I call it "Birthday Bucks for Water" ... Here's how it works:  Instead of giving a gift to someone for their birthday, donate their age in dollars for clean water by clicking one of the pics below.  Or, you can ask others to give you your age in cash instead of presents for your birthday, and donate that for clean water projects.  We all have too many things anyway, at least compared to children in these developing villages.  I have a personal goal to raise $5,000, which will give clean water to a village of 250 people.  Please donate today!





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